Saturday, September 29, 2007

One busy Saturday!!

Today started by Chris and I getting woke up at 7am by our baby, Zoe! We tried ignoring her, but she's persistent and that only worked for about an hour. So up by 8am is pretty early for me, especially on my day off!

By 10:30am Isabella was getting dropped off at our house for the day and even a sleepover while mommy and daddy went and enjoyed themselves at a wedding. By 11am Bella and I were on our way to the mall for some shopping. We not only got to shop, which I of course enjoyed, but Bella got a few treats as well. She got to ride her favorite, the Carousal, at cookies and even got to hold a bunny at the pet store. She was really excited about that!

After the mall we met Grandma and Pappa at Home Depot. Not only were Chris and I babysitting Bella today, Chris and my dad did a small afternoon project at our house. Chris and I decided quite awhile ago that we wanted to put ceramic tile in front of our front door for more of a welcoming entryway. While Chris and dad did that, us girls just hung out and played. Later we had pizza and chicken for dinner. Thanks mom and dad for a great day and especially for helping with the house!

Dad and Chris placing the tiles and getting everything marked!

Chris getting ready to pull up the carpet. What's under here???

Bella and I horsing around!!

Good Tackle Bella!


As promised here are some pictures. The following pictures will be from Labor Day weekend, my best friend Krissy's going away party with her husband Blake, and my birthday get together with family and friends! Hope you all enjoy and I'm really sorry it took me so long!

Me and Chris at Silver Springs Park-Labor Day Weekend

Me with Morgan, our family friend's new baby girl

Bella and I enjoying the festivities at the park

My Greatest Friend Ever(Krissy)!

Krissy and Chris dancing!

Blake and Krissy, Good-Byes aren't forever, but you'll always be missed!

Not just sister's, the closest of friends. Jen and I out for my birthday!

Blake and Krissy celebrating my birthday with me!

Friends and newlyweds, Scott and Jenny

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Yes, Yes, today is my 26th birthday! Can you belive I'm already 26?? That means 4 more years and I'm the BIG 30!!! :-(
I'm not doing anything real big for my day, what can I say....I'm at work! That's not fun. But after work will be nice. We'll be meeting my parents, Jennifer, Kevin, and Bella for my birthday dinner (haven't decided where yet, either Rocken's or TGI Friday's) and then back to my parents for cupcakes and ice cream! I'm sure it will be a great birthday (once I'm outta work of course)!

I wanted to also wish my cousin Rachel a very Happy 25th Birthday! Yes, we share the same birthday. I remember when we were yonger we would have joint parties. For some reason the one at Chucky Cheese is sticking out in my head!! Hope you have a great day Rach! :-)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Day is Today????

Whenever I have a short week, I totally lose track of days. Chris and I both took Monday off and now our days are all out of whack!
We both had doctor's appointments set up Monday morning, so we figured we'd take the day off and spend it together. It was really nice to have two 3-day weekends in a row!!
Later that night we had my parents, Jennifer, Kevin and Isabella over for dinner. It was really nice. For those of you that don't know.....I HATE COOKING!!! Chris totally spoils me and cooks every meal in our house. Every once in awhile I'll say I want to cook, of course, Chris gets shocked! Well Monday I said that I would help him. We made BBQ chicken on the grill, diced garlic and butter potatoes (those are my favorite), corn on the cob, salad, and I even baked a cake for dessert! :-) It was very nice and a very yummy dinner.

All I have to say is I'm good on the cooking thing for awhile!! :-)

Monday, September 10, 2007


This past week I was down in the dumps for a few days. In the last couple of years I've had the 'privilege' of getting migraines passed down to me through my family! :-(
Last Wednesday while I was at work started the beginning of a migraine that for the life of me just knocked me down instantly. I toughed it out and made it through the rest of the work day. But being in a office environment all day, sometimes it's hard. You have the fluorescent lights beaming in your face, the straining of your eyes on the computer for 8 hours everyday, and the phones ringing off the hook.
Once I muscled through my 35 minute drive home, I took some of my prescription and laid on the couch. Needless to say I didn't move until Chris woke me up to go to bed. Oh, by the way, I stayed home on Thursday. Thursday morning came and I really hoped getting up I would feel better. Well what's that saying, things always get worse before they get better.....well, they did. I only slept about2 hours during the night so I was hoping for a better days sleep. I guess I shouldn't have hoped!! I got zero sleep on Thursday, I was nausea all day and was running out of things to do to keep the pounding to a minimal!
By Friday I was feeling a little better, I got to the doctor and she gave a me a stronger prescription. By Saturday, I was back to 100%, Thank GOD!

If I'm going to get them I guess there's nothing I can do about it, but at least I'm lucky to only get them once in awhile and not all the time. I've been told mine come on more from stress. NO, me....stress! LOL, I'm sure you're all agreeing with my doctors aren't you?! I know, I know.....I'm a stresser and I need to cut it out, but how? Any ideas? I would love to hear them!!

Good-byes Aren't Forever!

This past Saturday Chris and I attended a going away party. This wasn't any normal going away shindig.....this was my best friends going away party! :-( Many of you know that Krissy and I have been best friends forever....literally, forever! With Krissy and Blake just getting married in June, they wanted to venture out of Ohio and start their lives somewhere fresh. Next week they will be traveling down to North Carolina and beginning that adventure!
I would love to take this opportunity to say that I'm very happy for both of them. I'm going to miss them like crazy but like everyone keeps saying, at least I'll have a cool place to visit now! :-) All I know is that I'm glad their sticking with their Verizon service, that way our minutes are free. Cause there will be a lot of phone calls!
This is going to be a very emotional time for me, but I know the love from my family and the rest of my friends I will get through it fine. If I didn't have Chris, I would probably definitely lose my mind.
Once again I have pictures from the party that I will get up so you all can see. I'm hoping this week I'll get all the kinks worked out on learning all of this!

I just want to wish Blake and Krissy all the luck in the world. You know you can ALWAYS come to me know matter what you need. I love you both and you'll always have a place at our long as you keep my room ready for me!! :-)
I will truly miss you and I love you!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend!

I know, I're saying to yourselves, "where are the pictures?" I promise I took some this weekend! I will get them up soon!
This was a nice weekend overall for us, not only because it was a 3 day weekend, but becasue we spent a lot of time with the family! For those of you that know us well, we're with my family A LOT!
Well, our weekend started on Friday when we went over to 'hang out' at my parents (Jen, Kev, and Bella were there too)! Saturday, Chris and I did a TON of running around. We got all of our errands done and even got to relax and rent movies for the night! Sunday was another great day. We met my parents, Jen, Kevin, and Bella down at Silver Springs Park. This year was the first annual Summer Sunset Blast Festival. It was really nice, epsecially because it was literally 2 minutes from my parents house. Stow hosted the event with all kinds of vendors, shows for the kids, and even some games. Those of you that know me though, know that I'm ALWAYS hot and hate it! Sunday was no different, standing in the sun for a couple of hours was enough for me. We headed back to my parents and had pizza and subs for dinner. Later in the evening we headed back down to the park and watched Fireworks. It was a great night spent with family and old friends!
My Monday off of work was put to good use. Chris got up at 2 am to head to work to get some OT and I got to sleep in!! :-) I got laundry done around the house and some cleaning up that needed done. It defiantly was a great day off of work!
Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend as much as I did, back to work tomorrow! Hopefully soon I'll have pictures up to share!

Happy Labor Day!!

Chris and I just wanted to wish everyone a great Labor Day weekend! Hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day long weekend! :-)