Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Past Year......Final Take!

So with the chaos of Krissy's wedding over, we still had a pretty busy June ahead of us. Father's Day was right around the corner and then Chris's 33rd birthday on the 26th! Right after Chris's birthday his oldest son, Christopher, traveled from Florida to come and visit for 2 weeks! We had a blast with him. We even got to celebrate his 13th birthday with him on July 6th. We took Christopher to Geauga Lake, we went boating with the family out at Portage Lakes, Chris and I took him to Fun N' Stuff (a local go-cart place), we went to the 4th of July Parade (which Isabella was in for her gymnastics class), we went out to dinner a couple of times, had bonfires at our house and my parents (he even got to roast marshmallows for the first time), and he ventured to the zoo with my sister, Jennifer, and Isabella while we were at work. We had a pretty busy 2 weeks while he was here, but Chris and I really enjoyed being able to spend that time with him.

The rest of July and into August was just your typical weekend 'stuff'. We had another wedding we attended, I had my cousins baby shower, a wedding reception picnic, my dad's birthday, and a Bachlorette Party.
Chris and I also have both been busy working as much overtime at our jobs as we can. It's always nice to get those paychecks with a little extra.

Now that you're all caught up with the main events of our past year, hopefully you can join us as we venture into future events. We always have things going on and things we can't wait to share with all of our loved ones.
For those of you that are wondering, yes, I have pictures that will be getting posted. I'm new to this blogging thing, so I'm taking one step at a time!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

The past year.....Take 2

The new year came and went, but the winter wasn't going fast enough. As February came around Chris also started a new job. Since getting out of active duty he really struggled with what he wanted to do. He did various jobs from here and there, but in February he started at Zircoa. Which some of you may know, that's where my dad's worked for 29 years! He started working in the Lab doing different various tests on products. He really seems to like it and does very well at it.

Over the next few months, I became very busy. My best friend, Krissy, was getting married in June. I had the privilege of standing as her Matron of Honor, which came with a lot of work. For those of you that know me well, know that I love things organized and with order. So the next few months had to be mapped out and without chaos! I organized her bridal shower, put together favors, did invitations, organized the Bachlorette Party (which I might add was out of town), and helped Krissy in any way I could. All with the help of the bridal party of course!
Her wedding came and went on June 9, 2007 and I finally thought I would get some down time...what was I thinking!

In May, Chris and I joined my family on our annual summer vacation down to Outer Banks, North Carolina. This year was a little different and a little more hectic. We not only had Isabella (my niece) with us for the first time, but we also invited some extended family- Uncle Brad and his family from Florida, and my Aunt Sue and cousin Tricia also from Florida drove up and spent the week with us. It was a great vacation and had a lot of fun with the family and of course swimming with Bella!

That's all for now, you'll have to tune back in to see what the rest of the summer brought Chris and I! It only gets better......

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The past year in a nut shell.......Take1

In October of 2006, Chris and I moved into our first home ! It was a long ordeal, but we were finally glad to have a place to call "home". Year's of renting and moving were becoming a thing of the past. Over the next few months we organized, painted and tended to a few repairs.

October was an important month, not only because we bought our first home, but Chris joined the Ohio National Guard. As many of you know Chris and I met while we were active duty in Colorado. Well Chris's time finally came for him to get out of the Army. Not long went by, 6 months in fact, that he came to me with a very important decision. He missed the military and wanted to look into the national guard. Very quickly it seemed that recruiters were sitting in our living room and it was only days later he was raising his hand to be sworn back into what I thought was in our past!

November was right around the corner and so was me taking on a new job. Most of you know that I fell into the mortgage industry. I was with a mortgage company for about 2 years when the drive and other things started to become an issue. I then found out about a company that was closer in commute and a little better pay. Before I knew it I turned in my 2 weeks and I was off to train in a new position. I started working for Fidelity National Field Services. I'm sure a lot of you are asking yourself, "what's that?" They are the defaulting side of the mortgage industry. Yes, I work for a company that takes people's houses away from them. Sorry guys, but the way I look at is, if you can't pay your mortgage, you shouldn't have a house! All I know, is my mortgage gets paid on the 1st of every month!! But enough of that......the company is in Solon which has cut down on my drive by about 20 minutes, I also got offered more money (which is always a plus). So this November will be a year....I can't believe it.

I'll stop there for now and you'll have to see what 2007 brought us.......

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