Monday, June 29, 2009

Jaguars & Baseball!!

Yesterday was a busy Sunday, I spent the day with Jennifer and Isabella...what a great day it was!
We started off by heading to the Akron Zoo to see the new baby jaguars. They were just born in March and have recently made their appearance! Since the zoo only lets them stay out for a couple of hours each day, we made sure we were there to see them before they got put away!
After the zoo we headed to Wendy's for a yummy lunch, it's kind of our 'thing'! Every time Kevin is out of town and Chris isn't around, you can always find myself, Jennifer, & Isabella enjoying some Wendy's! The french fries get me & Jen every time!! :)
After lunch we headed to an Akron Aero's baseball game! It was a beautiful, sunny, hot day! It was Orbitz birthday (he's the mascot) and so all the mascots from our local teams came to celebrate with was funny watching all the characters together! Isabella enjoyed some cotton candy, while Jen & I cooled off with some freshly squeezed lemonade. It was a great day spent with two of my favorite people!

Thanks girls for all the fun....we'll have to do it again soon!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!!

I wanted to wish Chris a very Happy 35Th Birthday! Even though he's not here to celebrate this special day with me or the family...we're all thinking of him and hoped he had a great day! I love you Bay and miss you very much!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

I want to wish all the father's, grandfather's, Uncle's, Godfather's, Brother's, & Brother-in-laws a great Father's Day! I hope you all enjoy your day!!

I want to wish Chris a wonderful Father's Day. Even though he can't spend this special day with his kids or even his family...we're all thinking of you and hope you're having a great day. We all miss you very much and can't wait till you come home. I love you!

And to the best dad in the daddy! Hope you have a great Father's Day! Thank you for everything you do & everything you are. I'm grateful everyday that I have you in my life and don't take one day for granted. I love you daddy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Isabella's 4th Birthday Party!!

Yesterday was Isabella's 4Th birthday party (her actual birthday is tomorrow), I can't believe she's already 4!! It seems like just yesterday Jennifer & Kevin brought her home to join our family. How time flies and how grown up she's getting. The weather was perfect, sunny, blue skies, and hot!! It was a lot of fun to watch all the kids play and watch Isabella open all her gifts.

I love Isabella more than words can say. Her smiles & giggles always make me laugh, not to mention the things she says! She's larger than life and just an amazing little girl. I'm proud to call her my niece and privileged to hear her call me Aunt Jewy!! We love you Bella and hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! :)

Bella swinging before the party started...showing off her 'crown' for her Princess Party!

The 'Princess & the Queen'!

Cousins & friends having some 'swing time'

The kids making a dash for all the candy once the pinata broke!

Bella opening one of her presents from Aunt Jewy & Uncle Chris

Checking out her new Monster Bean Bag Toss game!

Bella & I :)

**For more pictures of the great party and of Isabella's birthday, please visit Jennifer's blog**