Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clinicals, Quizzes, Tests, OH MY!!

A lot of people have been asking or may have just been wondering how school's been going for me. Sorry I haven't posted about it in a few months....I really haven't posted about a lot lately!

I'm now in my 6Th month of Nursing school....I know, can you believe it? It's been flying by! Since the last time I posted about school, I've since completed Anatomy 1 & 2, Nutrition and my first month of clinicals. LOL, the stories I could share about clinicals...but that's for a sidebar conversation!! :) I'm presently in Pharmacology and another month of clinicals. In fact, I had my first clinical today for the month of July. I'm currently in nursing homes, but will be in hospitals before I know it! School is continuing to keep me busy. Starting back in June I went from 4 days a week for only a few hours to 5 days for 7 hours. Between being at school for 7 hours a day, working 5 hours a day and still going to the gym for 2 hours everyday....sure keeps me on my toes. I'm pretty much up and going from 5am-11pm, sometimes even after midnight!

As far as my academics go, I'm still going strong, staying on task, and getting great grades! I'm maintaining a 3.8 GPA!! :) I still have a quiz and test every week and even homework to complete for clinicals. I'm still really enjoying it and I learn new things everyday. Don't get me wrong, I have days where all I want to do is stay under my covers and cry, wondering what day today is....but I'm a motivated person and giving up and failure is not in my vocabulary! I have less than a year to go and at this rate, I'll be walking across that stage for a nursing diploma before I know it!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wagon Trails!!

This past Friday was a 'Family Fun Day'!!
Jennifer, Kevin, Isabella, myself and our parents ventured about 45 minutes away to a park called Wagon Trails. This is by far one of the coolest places I've been and very kid friendly! There's a petting zoo & a safari ride....who would've thought you can go on a safari ride in Ohio?!
We saw a variety of different animals, such as, water buffalo, bison, ostriches, zebra's, deer, pigs, & camels to name a few! While on the safari ride the animals would come directly up to the bus so we could hand feed them. For awhile, we even had a stampede following us...they definitely know to follow the bus of food!
It was great to see Isabella's face light up as she fed & pet all the different animals. After the park we stopped for a yummy lunch. It was a great day spent with the family....we'll definitely be going back there! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

We want to wish everyone a happy & safe 4Th of July!! While you're enjoying all the delicious cookout foods, fireworks and fun....keep in mind what this day represents!

Thank you to all of our troops that are currently fighting to keep our freedoms & can't enjoy this day with their family & friends! Also, keep in mind all of the veterans that have served in the past....they have also made contributions and some have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country!

Let Freedom Ring!!!!

Happy 4th of July!